Specifications & Hints

Hinge Jig by Dave Bakker

Advantages of Dave Bakkers HINGE JIG

50% faster than traditional hinge installation methods.

Precision cut hinge rebate – first time, every time.

No more damage or splitting due to cranky or soft timbers.

Adjustable to suit hinges from 50mm to 100mm.

Quickly pays for itself by saving your valuable time.


Hinge Jig – Hints and tips

Here are just a few tips to assist you in the use of my Hinge Jig.

  • It’s a good idea to practice on a scrap piece of timber first.
  • Ensure a guide template is fitted to the base plate of your trimmer.
  • When setting up for the hinge leaf width, allow margin for guide template (generally around 2mm)
  • A 6mm bit will give best results as it leaves a very small radius in the corners of the rebate thus allowing hinges to be “bruised” into position, eliminating the use of a chisel.

Please contact me if you have any questions.